The Problem

The t-shirt printing industry can be a mess.

Picture this: You upload a design and order your shirts. They’re expensive, but you really need them, so you pay the high price. A few days later, you get the shirts, and the print is the wrong color! You say, “it’s close enough, nothing I can do about it now,” and you hand them out at the event. Fast forward a few months and you notice that the print is already cracking and peeling!

Our Solution

As someone that used to order t-shirts for events and clubs, I know the struggles.

This company was founded because we wanted to make this process easy. Walton Printing Services screen prints with the highest quality ink and application methods available. We have our own design team that works hand in hand with our customers to ensure that everything is just how you want it. On top of all that, we have almost zero non-production expenses, and we pass those savings on to you.

  • Andrew Walton

    Founder and CEO

    Sophomore studying finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship at Iowa State University. Mr. Businessman.

  • Saba Fajors

    Production Manager

    Incoming freshman studying computer science and engineering at Columbia University. Ms. Engineer.

  • Olivia Blanchard

    Lead Designer

    Sophomore studying graphic design and entrepreneurship at Iowa State University. Literally Bob Ross.